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5 minutes to Fit

So many of us now in the work force live overscheduled lives, having to juggle family and career 24/7, without taking  time out for ourselves   Today’s society has developed poor nutrition habits,  , is much more  sleep deprived and over stressed. US statistics show that we as a society have grown in size, and have more stress related ailments than ever before. 

“Health is not a Luxury. .Health is a  Necessity”

I’ve been in the fitness business for over 20 years, and the one excuse I consistently hear is

”I don’t have time"

Don’t tell me you don’t have 5 minutes!” …

Here are a few exercise and nutrition suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your busy work schedule, which will assist in developing healthier habits in the long run.

Five minutes out of every hour choose to do one of the following: 

1.       Perform simple stretching exercises, emphasizing stretches for your neck, shoulders back and legs. (You can Google stretching routines and find many websites that will give examples and have video for simple stretches  you can do from your chair, your car etc.)

2.       Take a walk around the inside of your building, or outside of the building or parking garage.

3.        Take a quick walk up and the down the stair well of your building.

4.       Close the door to your office, turn off your cell, turn of your computer and close   your eyes and practice deep breathing exercises.  (Bring your IPod and load it with soothing meditative music to enhance your relaxation.)

Each of these suggestions takes about 5 minutes, and I promise you, the company will not go under without you; the building won’t crumble to the ground.   By taking just 5 little minutes out of each hour, you will destress, reenergize, reinvigorate and get that second (or third) wind to be able to tackle on the next task.  Each week, try to make a goal of adding another 5 minutes each time up to 30 minutes which meets the minimum requirements for an efficient exercise program. 

Proper Nutrition, of course, is integral in achieving a healthier lifestyle

Here are a few nutrition rules to live by: 

1.      Hydration, Hydration Hydration, - Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, try not to count coffees, teas, sodas, or fruit flavored soda waters.  Water is the best, and it is the easiest way to lose weight!

2.       Eat up to 6 small meals daily .   (Yes this is an impossible task for most)  Pack a small cooler full of easy grab-n-go meals and snacks for example, :  Tuna cups, Fruit, single serving Peanut butter packets (which they sell at most of the health food markets), rice cakes, meal replacement shakes or bars, prewashed and precut vegetables, instant oatmeal.raw cashews or almonds.  

3.       If you are constantly on the go, and have no other choice but to eat out with clients, then just make smarter choices when dining.  Order water over soda or juice, choose a leaner cut of meat, go with a vegetable or salad as a side.  Get everything on the side, sauces, dressings, gravies seasonings if possible.  Try to enjoy the real taste of your meal, by not having it drown in butter, cheese or gravy. When we eat a heavy meal, its takes so much energy to digest, which is why so many of us get the afternoon blahs.  Eating  lighter meals or snacks along with drinking enough water throughout the day, will cut down on those “blahs” 

By following these “simple to do” steps, you will feel more energized and alert, you will lose a little weight, and be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

This article was provided by WellFIT Personal Training Group
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