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Advanced Training Principles

The Platoon system (21)


With this system you do a series of half reps in the lower range of motion, a series of half reps in the upper range of motion, and then a series of full reps. You can use any number of reps, but you want to make sure you do the same number of reps on each motion.

  1. How does the Platoon system work?

Start with 10-10-10 reps. This system work because, when you are lifting the weight, you have to physically  stop the movement  at midpoint of the muscle contraction and force the muscle to exert in ways you do not rarely perform in exercise. One of the biggest mistakes people do is that they hold their breath when performing an exercise when using this advance training method, because this is a static muscle contraction you never want to hold your breath during any static muscle contraction. When holding your breath during a static muscle contraction causes an increase in blood pressure. To prevent an increase in high blood pressure you want to inhale and exhale. You want to inhale on up phase and exhale on the down phase.


  1. How to play with Platoon system (21) to maximize results?

To get even a better result get a trainer partner or a personal trainer to push down on the weight to cause even more down force so your muscle has to work even harder against the weight in your hand and the extra force your trainer or partner generates in doing this it, provides every muscle fiber in the muscle to work.  

To get an even better workout you want to find your one rep max during each exercise you do. Make sure you do one rep max with a partner or a trainer. Once you find your one rep max you want to do at least 75 to 80% of your max reps.

 For example I do a flat bench press and my 1 rep max is 275

275x .75= 206     275x .8= 220

The lower series you would put 220 pounds on to workout at.

The upper range you would put 206 pounds on to workout at.

 For your full rep series you would put 220 pounds to workout at.

  1. Witch exercise to workout with when using Platoon system (21)?

 If you starting out you want to pick 1 exercise for each or the major muscle (Chest, back, Quads, Hamstrinds, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs).


  1. Muscle order to work in when using platoon system (21)

The best   order that I seen with my clients and that works for me is starting with a major muscle group then the antagonist muscle group.  You can flip major muscle group to antagonist, and you can also do antagonist muscle group to major muscle groups.

You can also work head to toe or toe to head. Split upper body and lower body.



Chest, triceps                                   

Back, biceps

Quads, Hamstrings

Shoulder, traps

Biceps, triceps


  1. Pros

Workout more with less time in the gym, you can put an hour and 25 minute workout in to a 45 minute workout.

Benefit of static muscle contraction

Learn how to correctly muscle contraction in any muscle movement.

Burn more calories

Standing around in the gym less

Active the entire time.

Using every muscle fiber in your muscle.

Burn more calories

Cardio and resistance at the same time.


  1. CONS

Throwing the weight and not benefit from static muscle contraction

Injury if you’re holding breath.

Less muscle endurance

Fatigue quicker

Muscle soreness the next day.


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