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Binge Busters

There are many people who generally eat very well, but occasionally ‘fall off the wagon’ and binge, undo-ing all their hard work. Here are some common situations where a binge is triggered, and ideas on how to circumvent them.

Binge Trigger #1: You allow yourself to become super-hungry, and then you lose control when you finally eat.

Binge Buster: Keep an easy-to-eat snack that contains protein, such as a Dr. Melina protein bar, with you at all times. If you miss a meal or there is nothing healthy to eat, have the bar so that you are not ravenous by the time you get to eat a real meal. 

Binge Trigger #2: You are at a party and have something ‘bad,’ and then either keep eating ‘bad’ stuff at the party or get into some junk once you get home. 

Binge Buster: Make a pact with yourself that, after indulging in a portion of a food off your plan, the next thing you eat will include some lean protein and some produce. For instance, if you have some birthday cake at a party, make the next thing you eat a piece of chicken and some salad or fruit. Most of the time additional cravings will be put to bay after eating the healthy food.

Binge Trigger #3: You find yourself bored at home and wander into the kitchen to go looking for something to snack on.

Binge Buster: Make a pact with yourself that you will go outside for a walk or go thru some yoga or stretching for at least 20 minutes before you let yourself snack. Chances are, once those endorphins start moving thru your bloodstream and your boredom is alleviated, you will be much less interested in bingeing.

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