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Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter – Benefits and Features


If one of your resolutions for the New Year revolves around eating better or losing weight, Calorie Counter is precisely what you’re lacking. Software developers have invented a new application to count the calories you consume on a daily basis. Apart from calorie counting, the applications also include calorie burning related activity and exercise information. You can find loads of information related to calorie counting. It includes a large number of menus from fast-food restaurants with relevant data for every single item on the menu. The benefit of calorie counter is that you can now keep a check on how many calories you consume each day.


How it can benefit you


Calorie counter also includes several major brands of grocery stores. Food caloric data can be managed by making manual entries into your android device. Barcode scanners put all relevant information related to food into the counter. Once your favorite foods or the foods of your choice have been entered into the app, the daily calorie option will help in managing your intake of calories. The application is very simple to use and you can easily determine its functioning in less than five minutes, without even reading through the instructions! All you have to do is enter your physical weight, height, and email address in order to create a user name if you are going to use the counter.


Losing weight is often very difficult for most people. With the help of calorie counter, you can control your eating habits and consume only the foods that have low calorie content. You can find all relevant nutrition and calorie facts related to the foods you wish to eat. The application helps you keep a check on your meals, weight, and exercise. The counter has a list of cool tools that will help your weight loss program become a successful one.


Features of Calorie Counter


The counter features a food diary that helps you plan and record all the food you consume on a daily basis. The exercise diary present in the application keeps a record of the number of calories you have burnt. The manual barcode input and barcode scanner allow you to attain nutritional and caloric information about any kind of food. You can easily figure out if your eating habits are unhealthy, as the counter can find nutritional and caloric information not only for your most-loved foods, but also for your favorite restaurants and grocery brands. The diet calendar in the application enables you to check how many calories you consume and burn. Your weight can always be kept in check, thanks to the weight tracker. Your progress can be recorded in the application’s journal.


Apart from helping you learn about important food-related information, the counter also offers meal ideas and recipes to help your further. You can now prepare tasty dishes with low calories from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the amazing features in the counter. One of the most popular features of the counter is that your account can be synced online so that your information can be accessed anytime, anywhere. If you’re serious about shedding those extra pounds, calorie counter will help ensure you do just that!            




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