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Change Up That Workout Routine

If you are like me, you get caught up in working out to the same DVDs or doing that tired boring routine at the gym. Although any exercise is great, your body adapts and needs the change to break through plateaus. This is why variety is good! So, let's get out of the house, out of the gym, and get outside!

There are so many different things you can do outside. Whether you are just starting your journey to better health or you are a workout queen, getting some fresh air will help motivate and recharge you.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to go is walking. Grab a good pair of shoes, take a deep breath of that fresh air and get to steppin'! If you listen to music while you are walking just be sure to stay safe and keep it at a level so that you may also hear traffic. If you are like me and can't get the music loud enough then practice safety by being aware of your surroundings and watching traffic carefully.

Walk to your errands
If you live near a grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, etc. walk or ride a bike to run your errands. If you live close to your child's school, walk him to school in the morning. This not only helps your waistline, it saves on gas, and who couldn't use that?!

Go for a hike
There is a beautiful park nearby that has tons of trails that my son and I love. Any given Sunday afternoon you can bet that's where we are. After walking on rocky terrain and going up and down steep hills, my legs are screaming (but in a completely good way!) Just make sure you have some water to keep hydrated and a cell phone for safety!

Just play
I think as we grow up we get so busy with trying to make a living, make dinner, pay bills, and all the humdrum activities of everyday life we forget the great joy there is in just playing. Something as simple as playing tag burns calories, reduces stress, and gives you real quality time with your kids. My son and I have one game in particular that we love. All you need are two tennis rackets and a tennis ball, no net necessary. We find an open field and let loose. I can tell you running around trying to hit the ball back to him is definitely a workout!

Whatever your hobbies, likes, or dislikes you can always find something outside to keep you busy. Garden, walk your dog, rake leaves, paint your mailbox, sweep off the steps or front porch, build a bird house, wash your car, fly a kite, throw a football, jump rope, play hopscotch... the list goes on and on. You'll have the best looking house on the block, have happy kids and dogs, and get a heck of a workout!

Now, stop reading, step away from the computer and go play!

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