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Cheat on Your Diet

Although it’s important to strive for a healthy diet, there are times when you just want to go ahead and treat yourself. The good news is, it’s certainly possible to go off your diet without unwanted weight gain, as long as you do it right. So what can you do when you go off your diet to minimize the damage? 

1. Weight train before the meal. Weight-training depletes your muscles of carbohydrates so that the incoming carbs from the meal will be stored as fuel rather than gained as fat. The calories will also work to help you recover rather than land on your butt.

2. If you have a special meal, try to have it be either high in fat OR high in carbs, but not both. When you overeat fat and carbs together, especially simple carbs like white bread or pasta, the dietary fat is more likely to be stored as bodyfat. If you consume a high-carb but low-fat meal, there will not be extra fat grams available to end up on your butt; and if you consume a high-fat but low carb meal, your insulin levels will be kept in check which helps minimize fat storage.

3. Have a drink OR desert, but not both. When you drink alcohol, your body is primed to store the food you consume as bodyfat. Also, alcohol and desert are both high in junk calories—choose just one to minimize the damage.

4. Drink water when your meal when possible. This will help fill you up faster and begin flushing sodium and toxins from your system to minimize the water retention you might gain from your indulgence. Also, drinking lots of water allows your body to process through the food more efficiently, leading to less weight gain.

5. Get back on your diet plan right away. Do not let one ‘cheat’ meal turn into a day or a week! The damage from just one meal won’t be very much, but will be enormous if you continue to overindulge. The body is designed to deal with extra calories here or there okay, but when continued the body is forced to store the extra calories.

6. Be realistic about how often you are ‘treating’ yourself. If you are ‘treating’ yourself a few times per week and you are not reaching your goals…well then that ‘treat’ isn’t such a treat after all, is it? Not if it’s erasing all your hard work.

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