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Eat Seafood for Weight Loss

Everyone knows that red meat can be fatty, and that processed meats can be a nightmare. However, studies prove and anecdotal evidence shows that seafood is better for weight loss than poultry—even when you match your consumption calorie-for-calorie.

Scientists speculate that this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of fish and also the added antibiotics and hormones that are usually added to land-based animals. Farm-raised fish and non-organic poultry also can be a problem because the animal’s diets are not as healthy and naturally as they would be in nature years back. So, the more you can incorporate fish the better you will do, both health-wise and weight-wise.

Don't like baked fish? There are plenty of other options. I like to have the occasional can or pouch of tuna or salmon (rinse the meat before eating), some shrimp with a bit of cocktail sauce, and occasionally an actual piece of fish for dinner, (if you order out ask for it broiled no sauce/oil/butter), also grilled or pan-fried scallops are a favorite, with mixed veggies. For a splurge cost-wise lobster is excellent, just watch the butter.

If you do the canned tuna use a light mayo or light salad dressing, or a trick I have is a little red hot sauce (cayenne pepper sauce, like frank's red hot) on the tuna--don't knock it until you try it--or Dijonaisse or Grey Poupon instead of mayo. If you simply cannot stand to eat fish or seafood in any way, shape, or form, supplement with fish oil capsules to receive the omega-3 fatty acids you are missing out on.

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