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Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation

Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic.  Whether you get your motivation from with in yourself or from outside variables, motivation can come from anywhere.  Here is an A to Z guide on how to stay motivated.

A-Agenda: Make a plan of what you’re going to accomplish, helps keep you focus on health and fitness goals.

B-Buddy: Find a friend with the same interests or goals, as you’re to work out with

C-Creative: Be creative in working out, try a variety of activities. Doing the same thing losses motivation.

D-Dancing: Dancing is great way to burn calories and move your body in ways that it doesn’t normally move and its fun!

E-Environment: Work out in different environments (Outside, different gym, etc.)

F-Fitness Fear: Don’t be afraid of trying new thing, exercise, equipment, classes, etc.

G-Group Training: Take a group class such as Cycling, Step, Boxing, etc.)

H-Help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Talk to professionals about certain activities or losing weight.

I-Increase Activity: If you feel like you’re on a plateau, increase the intensity of activity or add more activity in moderation.

J-Jump Start: Don’t procrastinate on yourself, the longer you put it off, chances are you will not do it.

K-Keep on, Keeping on: Never give up on your goals or yourself!

L-Log Workouts and food: Keep a journal of your workouts and what you’re eating, so you can make adequate adjustments.

M-Music: Music always motivates people at anytime to do anything.  Listen to some music during workouts or preparing meals.

N-Nutrition: “You are what you eat.”  What you eat can effect your mood and how your body response.  Talk to a nutrionalist if need be.

O-Open Mind: “You never know unless you try.”  Keep and open mind to new activities and foods. 

P-Pilates:  Pilates is a great switch that involves lengthening and strengthening muscles.

Q-Quality not Quantity: It’s not how long you workout, but what you do.  Overtraining can make you lose motivation as well.

R-Reward: Reward yourself after you complete a goal (massage, new work out clothes, gourmet dinner, etc.)

S-Sports: Get involved in sports leagues.  Sports are a great way to stay active and good for social aspects.

T-Trainer:  Get a personal trainer.  Personal Trainers filled with knowledge that can help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated.  They have an arsenal of exercise and ideas that may not have heard of.

U-Undo Stress: Stress can cause a loss of motivation.  So take time for yourself, so you don’t have to worry about those stressors for one hour.

V-Visualize: Visualize yourself achieving your goal constantly.  Keeps you focused on your routine.

W-Water: Try swimming or some type of aqua workout.  That constant resistance will make you’ll feel muscles that you haven’t workout in a long time.

X-Xamination:  Get an examination or assessment.  Finding out your body fat percent might alone motivate you to workout. 

Y-Yoga:  Relaxing and a great workout for reducing those stressors in your life, to keep your mind and body focused.

Z-Zzzzzzzz:  Get plenty of sleep!  Fatigue will obviously effect your motivation to do anything.




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