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Focus on Fitness Goals


When creating fitness goals you need 5 components.
1) Define your staring point and goal.
2) Create a food log and exercise logs.
3) Star a daily exercise program.
4) Create milestones and rewards.
5) Set your new fitness goal.

Each goal MUST be specific activities that will make up the exercise routine. Next step
Set appropriate
 Realistic and
Flexible goals

Goals can be formed in a contract, by written agreements that you will stick to a program.
The contract should consist of the specific goals that are challenging but, realistically achievable to promote success.

Make certain that the skills that you do for your goal is necessary for success.

Exercise goals need to be written that allows them to be objectively measured.

Most goals that people set are too high so when creating goals make a goal set for 6 to 12 weeks and have littler goals in between, so the big goal is accomplished.

a example of the contract.

My responsibilities
1. I then your name will attend all of my exercise session. you put in the number times per week you will train.

2. For any session I have miss due to illness or any other reason I will.

3. to reward myself at the end of each week that I attend all of my scheduled  sessions I will celebrate by                                                                                                                                                     . What every you want.

Signed                                                                                            .                                                                         and date                                                             .

then put date when you  the goal is to be achieved by.

An example of a fitness goal would be
I John will reduce 2 pounds of weight in a single work, 3 times per week so I can achieve my 20 pound weight loss in 8 weeks starting on tomorrow’s work out.


You can do this by changing any bad behavior. Your stat by

1 stating your name

2 stating the bad behavior

3 state what you want to change

4 state a reinforcement that keeps you on the correct path. A reinforcement is something you like the most. It can also be something you really want.

5 state a punishment if you do not comply with the contract.

6 During the last 4  to 3 weeks take the reinforcement away.

7 If you change the behavior that you wanted for step 3 reward yourself with that reinforcement that you wanted.

8 After the 8 weeks the behavior should change enough that it stick into your lifestyle.


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