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Jump Start Weight Loss

Especially around New Year’s or just before summer, it seems like everyone wants to do a fast or cleanse to jump-start weight loss and overhaul eating habits. While the concept is good, most types of fasts are harmful to the body and will set you back in your workouts. I’ll explain what’s wrong with a few different types of fasts, and then explain what I suggest if you want to jump-start weight loss without the bad side effects.

The plain-old-just drink water for 1-3 days fast. This one is just not a great idea. After consuming no food for 24 hours, and no protein in particular, your body is forced to break down lean tissue for fuel. You will lose significant amounts of muscle tissue when you fast for three or more days, and not enough fat to make it worthwhile. Your metabolic rate will also drop if you continue the fast for any longer. You also will miss out on many important vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that are critical to your health. People who go on total fasts are also extremely vulnerable to bingeing on food when they finally allow themselves to eat.

The fruit-and-vegetable-juice fast. Every day you subsist on just fruit and vegetable juice you do get some vitamins, nutrients and glucose for your brain to run on, but you still miss out on many vitamins and minerals and, most importantly for your physique, the protein required to maintain your lean mass and metabolic rate. Like the water fast, binge eating is a common occurrence when you break the juice fast.

The master cleanse. This plan can be followed for a length of time of your choice, but some follow it for a month or even longer. The only nutrition you receive during the master cleanse fast is from lemonade and maple syrup, both forms of simple sugar with almost no vitamins and minerals. The diet typically causes excessive bowel movements and fluid loss that can be dangerous. I don’t recommend the master cleanse!

Here is the healthiest way to detox your system and jump-start weight loss and a healthier lifestyle:

Drink at least 1 gallon of pure water each day.

Take a detox product that is proven effective. My favorites are: Dr. Richard Shultz Intestinal Formulas (he carries a #1 and a #2 (pardon the pun), which are for different symptoms)

Consume plenty of lean protein, but limit saturated fat from red meat and dairy products (consider adding a calcium supplement if your green leafy vegetable intake is low)

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you prefer juice, juice whole fruits and vegetables yourself rather than purchase bottled juice that is devoid of all the nutrients and fiber.

Supplement with fish oil: most individuals do best on between 3 and 12 1000-mg capsules, or ½ to 1 T straight oil per day.

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