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Leaner Athletic Body

The men and women who are ripped, have a six-pack, or eight-pack, or are extremely athletic, fast, or strong, or have great endurance have all worked very hard for these abilities.

Most Americans sit most of the day at a desk, don't make time for exercise, take elevators instead of stairs, come home and watch tv, while eating cheetos or candy. Then they dont sleep enough to let their bodies rest. And they dont plan out when and what they will eat on a weekly basis, and end up at fast food restaraunts, or at the candy machine in their office when they get hungry....then when they actually eat they make poor choices of food, because their body is starving...

my best tips to reduce body fat percentage quickly
1. no soda, no diet soda
2. no juice unless it is less than 25 calories per serving
3. don't eat anything that is higher than 30% of daily allowance in saturated fat
4. one day a week have the specific food reward you need to not go crazy, or even better go buy something for yourself to treat yourself after getting shirt, blouse, dress, jeans, a dvd, exercise equipment or dvds, smaller belts :)
5. eat more fish, and chicken or turkey: and less red meat
6. convert all of your processed carbs, white flour items into wheat or brown versions because they have fiber which cleans out your system, the processed stuff lingers in your body and increases your waist, hips and abdomen. So get brown rice, wheat pasta, wheat bread, wheat tortillas
7. more fruits and veggies
8. if you go out to eat, and spend more than 10 dollars on the meal, then likely you have bought enough food for two meals. eat half, and take half home, eat it 3 hours later, or the next morning for lunch or breakfast
9. tea is good for digestion, and has caffeine for the morning
10. eat protein within 30 minutes of your workout, and 30 minutes prior eat some carbs,
11. a bowl of fruit, a yogurt, some nuts, trail mix, granola bars, smoothies with protein, protein bars....make great midday snacks
12. hydrate all day, drink a bottle of water every hour or so at work, probably 8 bottles per day would be outstanding...I just refill my bottles after I use them with water normally from the tap, or if I am at home our fridge has filtered water..brita is good for this. I also know a great performance water that is used by the owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team in the nba
13. eat 3 solid meals, biggest meal should be breakfast and have 2 to 3 snacks from #11, and you should eat every 3 hours
14. last workout, and have a trainer teach you proper technique so you dont get injured, and so it will be a more effective and long lasting results, instead of some bizarre diet like only eating protein, and no carbs, or cleansing your body with tea and basically fast for a week...

My theory is that most people who are overweight don't do any of these things in this article...So turn off, or cancel your cable tv, and invest in yourself, your long term health. One day you may be blessed with children and grandchildren, don't you want to mobile and strong and able to play with these gifts from god? Or if your an up and coming athlete and your coaches are not giving you one on one attention, call me and I can teach you the performance enhancement workouts I am certified for by nasm

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