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Lose Weight Eating Out

While eating out can be treacherous when you're watching your calorie and fat intake, it's important to know what to order when you do find yourself eating out. Take the opportunity while eating out to enjoy something different from the same old routine. Fortunately, there are lots of healthy choices to be had when dining on ethnic cuisine.



Broth-based soup.

Whatever you can get steamed and with brown rice.

Spicier dishes are less fatty because they have less sauce.

Request little oil if there is oil added.

Pass on:

Fried rice and dishes with sauces as they are high in sugar and salt.



A plate of antipasti—it’s filling and low carb.

Grilled fish, steamed veg and bake potato is best.

Braised and stewed meats and seafood.


Pasta—even marinara sauce might have up to 14 grams of fat. Noodles--they have added oil or butter normally.



Shrimp, chicken or beef soft tacos ‘fresco style’ with salsa.

An entrée dish is better than most other choices.

Black beans and cactus salads make great sides.

No Go:

Flour tortillas and crispy corn tortillas

Oil, guacamole and sour cream.

Chips, unless you can limit yourself to a small handful.


Green light:

Dips with crudites (raw veggies).

Greek salad but with the feta and dressing on the side. 

Grilled fish or meat.

Grape leaves sans sauce.

If you order gyros, get trilled chicken instead of gyro meat.

Red light:

Anything with gobs of cheese or oil, and anything fried.

Baklava—enough said.


Thumbs up:

Eggplant dishes, pea dishes and salads.

Wood-fire grilled meat dish or kebab with sauce on the side.

Try curries and vegetable dishes with plain rice.

Thumbs down:

Sauces are heavy and loaded with sodium.

Naan is loaded with fat and carbs. Avoid the onion bhajis.


Order edamame and miso soup. Sashimi and sushi are fine. Sashimi is lower in calories and carbs. Avoid spicy rolls and avoid sushi or sashimi with the sauce already added. Ask for straight up soy sauce to add (almost zero calories). Drink plenty of water to flush out the extra sodium. Cucumber or seaweed salad is good.

In general, don't be afraid to make special requests, such as omitting cheese or preparing food with little or no oil. When in doubt, keep portions small. If you are going to drink, forgo desert, and vice versa. Try not to consume any appetizers, unless you order appetizers is lieu of an entree. As long as you are smart, you can enjoy dining out guilt-free!

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