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Lose Weight with Healthy Foods

Lose Weight by Consuming Healthy Foods


When you make efforts to lose weight, everything appears and tastes unappetizing. It is true that you will have to give up pizzas and some other foods that delight your taste buds, but the effort is totally worth it, considering the bigger picture. Following are a few foods that can be consumed if you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds.




Studies suggest that when a group of people was made to consume dishes made with mushrooms, their hunger was satisfied to the same extent as consuming beef-based dishes, although they had consumed only a fraction of the fat and kilojoules by eating the mushroom-based dish.  




Eggs are an essential food, especially for breakfast. According to a study, dieters whose breakfast included eggs reportedly felt full for long periods of time and shed almost twice the weight lost by those who consumed a similar amount of KJs for breakfast. The high levels of protein, minerals, vitamins, and folic acid in eggs make them ideal for those looking to lose weight quickly. Add salads and the dish will be more satisfying and delicious.




An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say. Apples, particularly the medium-sized ones, have a small number of KJs, taste good, and have only about 4g of fiber. Weight gain can be prevented by increasing your intake of fiber. Apples also aid in weight loss. The added incentives of consuming an apple on a daily basis is that it keeps you awake, thereby eliminating your mid-afternoon slump and keeping you fit and healthy.




More fat can be burnt by consuming bran or oats. Slow-release carbs don’t spike the sugar levels of blood in your body as much as their refined counterparts such as white toast. Insulin levels are maintained and since insulin is a crucial factor in your body’s ability to store fat, lower levels of it will help in burning fat quickly. 




Almonds are rich in protein, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants. They’re healthy as well as tasty. They also have several important vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B-6, foliates, and pantothenic acid that improve cellular substrate metabolism. Almonds also provide enough nutrition to keep you full for long periods of time.




With a high content of minerals, omega-three fatty acids, and vitamins, tuna is filled with nutrients. Tuna is ideal for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass as it is a great source of protein too. 


Hot Peppers


Hot peppers may be consumed about thirty minutes prior to a meal. This will help reduce your hunger levels and make you eat ten per cent less. Hot peppers have a certain element of spice that boosts your metabolism. They may be consumed in capsules, or in soups.


Adding the above foods to your diet will help record significant weight loss. If you want to lose weight quickly, make sure you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Avoid the foods with high content of fats and carbs, and you will notice steady improvement in your weight. 


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