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Metabolism-boosting foods

Losing weight is never easy, and the only safe way to do so is through proper nutrition and exercise. However, you can increase the amount of weight you lose through what you eat. Instead of dieting to cut calories, stick with these metabolism-boosting foods.

Boosting Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is how you burn calories. When you're not exercising regularly, your metabolic rate slows down considerably. Increasing your metabolism helps you burn calories faster, thus producing quicker weight loss results. By eating well-balanced, portion controlled meals with foods that boost your metabolism, you not only feel better eating healthy, but also make your body work harder to get rid of calories.

Beverages That Boost Metabolism

Water is the best thing you can give your body and the easiest way to transition into eating healthier. As a natural appetite suppressant, water keeps you feeling full so you don't eat more than you should. It also flushes out sodium and toxins from your system. You need at least 64 ounces of water a day to keep your body healthy.

Green tea is another drink that helps boost metabolism. This tea also has properties that could help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Best of all, green tea has a great taste and makes an excellent substitute for sugary sodas.

Foods That Boost Metabolism

Fruit in general is going to increase your metabolism, since its natural sugar satisfies your sweet tooth while the vitamins help your body. Grapefruit is especially beneficial and packed with vitamin C, which cuts down on insulin levels and promotes weight loss.

Vegetables, of course, are necessary and help you lose weight as well. Broccoli in particular is full of vitamin A, folate and fiber, with powerful phytochemicals that boost your immune system.

Hot peppers may seem like a strange thing to eat, but capsaicin, which is found in cayenne peppers, stimulates your body and releases stress hormones that speed up your metabolism.

When it comes to protein, lean turkey is the best metabolic boosting food, with a lower number of calories compared to beef.

Oatmeal is a great breakfast option, since it's high in fiber and keeps you full until lunch. Mix it up with low-fat yogurt, which provides calcium for your bones.

Notice the difference in your body right away when you replace your old diet with metabolism boosting foods.

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