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Outdoor Circuit Training

Outdoor Circuit Training

If slogging away on a treadmill at the gym is the last thing you want to do, then you might be interested in outdoor circuit training. Exercising outdoors can be an enjoyable way to sweat, and having a whole circuit workout planned can help you to stay interested, keep the heart rate up and eliminate the risk of boredom. Whether you are working out alone in your backyard or organizing a bootcamp in the local park, these outdoor circuit training exercises are ideal.

Start With a Warm-Up Exercise
Since circuit training uses the whole body and can be at a high intensity, it is important to warm up properly. A short jog of 10 minutes or several minutes of brisk walking should be sufficient, and you may also want to stretch and mentally prepare for the intense bursts of exercise to come.

Incorporate Cardio in Short Bursts
A key component of circuit training, especially for those who are interested in losing weight, is cardiovascular exercise. The objective is to raise your heartbeat quickly to raise your metabolism and burn as many calories in as short of a time as possible. Running is ideal for this, and your bursts of cardio can be as little at five 90-second sprints around the park.

Include Resistance Training Repetitions
In between your bursts of cardio, a circuit workout should contain plenty of resistance training exercises. These can be done without any equipment, which is perfect if you are outdoors and away from the gym. To work your core, hold the plank position for 60 second or do a round of sit-ups. Other great options include the following:


  • Push-Ups


  • Squats


  • Walking lunges


  • Tricep dips on a park bench


  • Calf raises on the curb


Repeat as Necessary
You should work through your list of exercises so that one round of cardio is alternated with one or two sets of resistance training movements. Once you have made it through the circuit, you can choose to repeat the whole thing again twice or even three times. Since this is a full-body workout that should keep your heart rate elevated the whole time, 60 minutes should be long enough.

After you have cooled down with a short walk or jog, your outdoor circuit training workout will be complete. You will have enjoyed the scenery outdoors, burned a significant number of calories and worked all of your key muscles within 60 minutes. 

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