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Physique Transformation

I’m sure you have seen the numerous ‘Before and After’ physique transformation pictures in the bodybuilding and fitness magazines and on the internet. They seem to be everywhere, right? You have probably even wondered if it is really possible to make such a dramatic change in only a few short months. I had my doubts as well; that is until I became one of those people in the magazines! That’s right, I was named 18-35 year old class champion in the AST Sports Science World Championships physique transformation contest, allowing me to gain exposure in many of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines and all over the internet. How did I do it?  Let me tell you first that it took much more than a "magic supplement" and a good photographer.  It was the most dedicated and disciplined 13 weeks of my life, but it was all well worth it when I was able to finally succeed in building the type of body I have always dreamed of! Would you like to do the same?  With the right tools, information, motivation, and dedication, you absolutely can!

Now, let me tell you right from the start that making this kind of dramatic transformation (especially in a 3-4 month time frame) is not easy at all! It takes a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and commitment on your part. I can’t emphasize that enough so if you are not willing to put in the type of commitment necessary then it is probably not a good idea to embark on a transformation journey at this time. 
However, if you are fed up with mediocre or no results and ready to get into the best shape of your life then read on, soak in the information, get motivated, get to work, and in as little as 12 weeks you can be a completely different you!
1) Have a Reason Why
Before you embark on something as dramatic as a total physique transformation you have to have a very good reason “why” you are doing this. If not, there is simply NO WAY you will stick you your plans and reach your goal. Period! The reason can be to win a physique transformation contest, a bodybuilding contest, or to make your ex’s head spin when you see him or her at your reunion. It does not matter what that reason is, only that it is important to YOU. Make sure you take the time to ask yourself exactly why you are doing this, and be sure to remind yourself of this reason(s) throughout your transformation journey.
2) Motivation
Motivation and your reason why work together synergistically. Its great to have a reason why, but its important that you generate the type of motivation necessary to make sure you follow through by doing what you are suppose to do. Motivation is the reason that we get out of bed in the morning and start our days. It is what drives us to get to the gym and work harder than the day before. Motivation is the reason that great ideas are turned into great accomplishments. Motivation is what drives us to get things done!
3) Have a Deadline
In order to make a significant physique transformation you MUST have a clear starting date and end date. Trust me on this one! You don’t necessarily have to compete in a contest, but without a clear deadline it is way to easy to get off track. Without a deadline it becomes much easier to have the piece of pizza or cheesecake at dinner. Why not? You can finish your transformation goal “a little later” than planned. You see where this is going? A firm deadline creates focus and purpose. Focus and purpose produces results!
4) Keep a Training Journal
A training journal is a very valuable tool during any health and fitness program. It allows you to accurately track your progress, but more importantly holds you personally accountable for everything you do or don’t do. If you want to make a truly outstanding physique transformation then keeping a training journal is ABOLUTELY ESSENITAL! If you can’t discipline yourself enough to keep track of your workouts and nutrition then you can forget about making the kind of transformation that has friends and family shocked and amazed at how incredible you look. Hiring a qualified professional fitness trainer is a fantastic investment if you are serious about getting results. A great trainer will not only be able to create a plan for you to reach your goals, but provides accountability, structure, and motivation so that you execute that plan consistently. Review (or have your fitness coach or personal trainer review) your training journal on at least a weekly basis as well. This will literally force you to do what you are suppose to do because who wants to let their fitness coach read that they are not staying on track? Once you get the hang of keeping a journal it actually becomes quite enjoyable. You don’t have to stick to strictly sets, reps, and calories. Write about how you felt that day or a particular challenge you overcame. A training journal kept during a physique transformation can serve as an excellent resource for future fitness endeavors, and can also be used to motivate others to make their own transformation.
5) Controlling Calories
To make a truly amazing physique transformation you need to be very lean so that the body you have sculpted with all your hard work is not camouflaged by body fat. There are 101 different diets that will allow you to lose body fat and reach your goals, but the bottom line is that in order to lose fat you absolutely must consume less calories than you burn on average every day, every week, and every month. Carefully and honestly assessing your calorie intake, expenditure, and progress will allow you to make sure you are staying in a slight calorie deficit so that your body burns body fat as fuel. 

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