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Restrict to Lose Weight

If you choose to have them come from healthy fats, olive oil or nuts would be the best choice. All nuts are pretty much created equal in terms of healthy fat content besides peanuts, which technically are a legume.The more exercise you do and the more active you are, the more extra carbs and fats you can have. If you want to lose weight quickly, you will want to cut back. If you want to maintain or gain weight, you can have more. The more you weigh right now, the more carbs and fats you can get away with.A good rule of thumb is that each meal should contain some lean protein and some fruit and vegetables, and also a portion of either healthy carbs or healthy fat, but not both. Make sure to consider condiments and sauces when thinking of your extra carbs or fat. For instance, if your veggies are sautéed in oil, that is your fat. If you have steak instead of a lean protein, that is also your fat. If you have BBQ chicken, the sauce is your carb. Peas and beans have protein but also lots of carbs, so those are your carbs in a meal. If you abide by the above guidelines and use your hunger as a guide, you should be able to meet your bodyweight goals without having to count. However, for a rough guideline, consume 1 gram/lb. of your body weight in carbs per day if you are mostly inactive, 1.5 grams/lb. if you are somewhat active, or 2 grams per pound if you are very active. Consume around 0.5 grams of fat per pound of your weight for general health, with less than 10% of that from saturated fat sources other than coconut oil which is a healthy fat.

To a point, yes, carb grams and fat grams need to be restricted to allow for weight loss, although counting grams of carbs and fat is notusually required. The most important aspect of a weight l oss eating plan is to burn off more calories than you take in. Beyond that, it is important to consume about 0.8 times your bodyweight in protein per day.After consuming your protein and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables (which are primarily carbohydrates, but they are the slow-absorbing type that have minimal affect on your blood sugar) you will have additional calories left. Part of those calories should come from essential fatty acids, such as fish oil supplements, fatty fish, or flaxseed oil. From there, there will be some calories left over where you can choose to have more carbohydrates or extra fats.If you choose to have your extra calories come from carbohydrates, it will be best to have them come from the whole grain variety.

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