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Should you work trough back pain?

One of the most common problems today is back pain. There are multiple reasons why would a person feel back pain some of which are improper posture, prolonged hours of sitting, general inactivity, being overweight etc.
People with spine and joint pain often ask their doctors if they should be working through the pain, if they should be working out, should they be taking it easy? 

In general, the answer is that joints need movement, spines need movement in order to nourish them. So it is very important that we stay active and that we keep on exercising! 

BUT while we accept a little bit of muscle pain as we get the muscles stronger, we really don't want to work through spine or joint pain. So you have to identify if you have muscle pain or joint pain in order to decide weather to work trough the pain or to back up a little. Many people though are not able to identify the difference between both.

Here are some tips on how you can do that! 

Muscle pain is achy, sore pain that increases with movement or with pressure on the affected muscle. Stretching can create increased pain, but it often feels better afterwards. Walking or exercising can also ease muscle pain, but doing too much can actually increase it and make it feel sharp. Muscle pain is caused by tight, overworked muscles and muscle knots. It sometimes refers to another area. 

Joint pain can be dull, achy, and very localized. It feels like it is deeper than muscle pain. Many times joint pain hurts as much or even more when we are still, such as sitting at a computer or laying down at night. Instead of being focused over a large, muscular area, it is often focused around a particular bony joint. Joint pain is caused by fracture, degeneration or arthritis.

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