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Six Pack Abs Secrets

Everyone wants it, yet so many of us find it to be an ever-elusive goal. What is the secret? How can we develop that washboard look? Let's start with what doesn't work.

  1. Health Food. That's what they call it, but in reality, most is actually cleverly disguised junk food that actually stimulates you to gain more belly fat. It's all about profits.
  2. Crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines. They just don't do what you want them to. AND they can be dangerous.  
  3. Long, repetitive cardio exercise routines, including hours on the treadmill. It's boring and NOT the best way to lose body fat to uncover those six pack abs.  
  4. "Extreme fat burner" pills and other fad supplements. Just snake oil.  Don't waste your money.  
  5. Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks... they're all a complete waste of your time and money. Despite the misleading infomercials, the perfectly chiseled fitness models in the commercials did NOT get their perfect body by using that "ab contraption"... they got their perfect body through REAL workouts and REAL nutrition strategies.

So, now you're asking, "Well, if all of these things DON'T work, what DOES?" Honest, hard work in the gym and well-thought out nutrition, that's what. Let's face it, getting fat, sick and out-of-shape is easy, and despite what late night TV may try to convince you, getting lean, healthy and conditioned requires a commitment to eat right and bust it out at the gym...and that's not easy. Deep inside, you know this to be true. Working out is difficult, that's why it's called, "working" out. Your body doesn't want to do more work than it has to. Your mind will play games to try to convince you that you don't need to work so hard. The "health industry" marketers know this and play to it.

You're being played? YES, YOU ARE! That doesn't make you feel very comfortable, does it?

GOOD! Now you know it, DO something about it! Lay off of the popular 'healthy" junk food, get a sound nutrition plan, and get on an intelligently-created workout that will actually accomplish something, not just line someone's pockets.

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