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Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

Food that should make up the majority of your diet

Whole grains

  • Grain items with at least 2-3 grams of fiber per 1 oz serving.
  • Brown or wild rice
  • Cooked whole grains Millet, Quinoa, Couscous, Polenta, Tempeh.
  • Whole grain bread, make sure you read Labels.

Fruit and vegetables

  • Fruit that is fresh in season.
  • Vegetables that’s fresh in season.
  • Juice that’s made with fresh fruit or vegetables in season, bottle juice that’s less in sugar.
  • Avocados have essential fatty acid, that’s good for the immune system function, appetite, and fat metabolism.
  • Vegetables that low in starch.

Nuts, seeds, and legumes

  • Nuts seeds that is unprocessed with no additional ingredients on the label.
  • Nut butters that’s natural like peanut, almond, cashew, and sesame.
  • Legumes such as lentils, black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, peas’, black eye peas’.
  • TOFU and soy products.

Low fat animal products

  • Skinless chicken and turkey.
  • Eggs
  • Lean red meat any meat that ends with “loin”.
  • Low fat milk or skin milk. Choose milk from organic cows, free from pesticides, antibodies, and hormones.
  • String cheese that’s with no additives and preservatives.
  • Low fat yogurt with no added sugar or syrup.
  • Ocean fish such as salmon and mackerel.
  • Butter in moderations instead of margarine.


  • Decaffeinated herbal tea.
  • Performance smoothie or drink.
  • Soy, rice, and almond milk.
  • Calcium fortified orange juice.
  • Water that’s bottled or filtered.


  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Organic expeller pressed canola oil.
  • Organic refrigerated oils such as borage, flax, sunflower seeds.


The top 10 nutritional mistakes people make.

Skipping breakfast.

  • Skipping breakfast just means you’ll be hungrier later, which makes in harder to control your diet and weight.

Not eating before a workout

  • Providing your body with the food for energy allows you to perform your workouts better, more productive exercise session. A pre workout meal consisting of carbohydrates, a little fat and some protein can help improve endurance.

Waiting too long after exercise to eat.

  • One of the best thing you can do to prepare for your next exercise session is to eat a small meal that includes both carbohydrates and protein within 2 hours of your last session. Carbohydrates help replenish muscle glycogen stores and protein repair of damaged muscle tissue.

Replacing meals with energy bars or replacement drinks.

  • There is no substitute for healthy whole foods. Energy bars may offer little nutrition then the average bar, and drinks may lack adequate fiber.

Eating too much protein and not enough carbs.

  • Body builders, endurance athlete would fuel their bodies better if they eat pasta instead of poultry. Carbohydrates are essential to effective workouts.

Trusting the accuracy of dietary supplement labels and claims.

  • Supplement industry remains largely unregulated; manufacturers can make unproven and untested claims about their products.

Not consuming the right amount of calories for the amount of activity you do ( too many or too FEW).

  • Your caloric intake should sufficient to support your active lifestyle, but not so abundant that weight control becomes a challenge.

Believing that exercise means you can eat what ever you want.

  • Whether your exercise a little or a lot you still need to follow a healthy diet and watch portion sizes.

Not drinking the right amount of fluids.

  • Dehydration can cause a serious problem, mostly in hot humid environment. Drinking fluids before, during and after will help keep you adequate hydration levels.

Jumping on the latest diet craze in search of the elusive edge.

  • It’s tempting to believe there is some magic formula out that will dramatically improve our performance or help lose weight. We try these lades trends, and fad diets that cause more affect then they help, even though we know that the best thing is to stick to a basics healthy diet and exercise regular. 

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