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Training At Home

Training At Home

A gym membership can help you stay committed to your exercise routine and feel accountable to a community of peers, but it's not always possible to find a quality, affordable gym in your area, not to mention the time to get there enough to make your membership fees worth it. Fortunately, there are plenty of great workouts you can accomplish in your very own home. Many of these workout plans require minimal equipment and space, but there are a few essentials to keep in mind before setting up your own home gym.

Space and Set-Up
If you have an extra bedroom or office in your house, it's easy to set up a small area with a mat, some free weights, an exercise ball, and any other equipment you need. If you can't dedicate an entire area of your home, invest in a sturdy utility shelf where you can store your gym equipment so it's ready for use whenever and wherever you can find the time and space. Home gym routines often rely on the resistance of your own body as opposed to machines, so be sure to pick a place to workout where the sound of jumping jacks or hill climbers won't disturb your neighbors, family, or housemates. If you plan on doing yoga postures or working with weights, it can also be helpful to have a full-length mirror handy so you can double check your form for proper alignment.

Fitting It In
Once you commit to training at home, it's important to set aside time for your fitness routine. If you can't devote a solid hour for working out, try fitting in smaller chunks of exercise time in between work, family, or home obligations. Keep a calendar posted somewhere visible, ideally near where you plan to work out, and keep track of your workouts. Having a visual reminder of your progress and hard work can spur you on when the comforts of the couch and the television start to tempt you after a busy day's work.

Get An Accountability Buddy
At home, it's easier to tap out when you get tired with no trainer or fellow sweaty gym rats in the same room. Be proactive and set up a good system for home training accountability, whether through a website of fitness app or by setting up a home workout schedule with your family members or housemates.

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