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Use an Exercise Ball

Why You Should Use an Exercise Ball as Your Office Chair


One of the common misconceptions is that time at work cannot be utilized effectively for maintaining fitness. There are several ways in which you can keep your body active during office hours. Using an exercise ball in place of an office chair is one of the topmost ways to do so.


Although the ball is mostly used at the gym for athletic exercise, training, and physical therapy, its benefits can also be enjoyed during office hours. In addition, by doing so, you will also be able to enhance your productivity at work. This is because an improvement in your physical health will enhance your mental well-being and increase your concentration. The following are some of the advantages of using an exercise ball instead of an office chair.


Compels Appropriate Alignment of Spine


Most people find that sitting in an office chair for a couple of hours leads to back pain which later develops into a chronic illness. This is due to the improper alignment of the spine that occurs when one sits in an office chair. However, when you use an exercise ball, it compels the spine to align in the appropriate manner. It has been found that those who use exercise balls instead of office chairs at work are less prone to back pains and curvature of the spine than their counterparts.


Enhances Balance


An office chair offers stability and therefore, the body does not have to take much care to balance itself. This can lead to slouching and crouched positions, which can increase back pains. In the case of an exercise ball, it is not stable and hence, the body has to constantly be on alert to balance itself. This speeds up the muscle reaction of the body and also helps in enhancing the sense of balance.


Allows Time for Quick Workouts


A large majority of people spent most of their time on weekdays at their desk. This restricts the time one has to exercise. This is why most of the time workaholics are associated with heavier physiques that can be extremely damaging to the physical health of the person. However, when you use an exercise ball, you can squeeze in time for a stretch or quick workout. This is one of the most important reasons why people should opt for an exercise ball instead of an office chair.


Helps in Blood Circulation and Enhances Your Energy Levels


When you sit in the same position for an extended period of time, it becomes highly likely that blood circulation in your body will be adversely affected. There may be no time to change positions due to the hectic pace of work. But, when you opt for an exercise ball, the constant movement to stay balanced and the flexibility to include a stretch from time-to-time will greatly help in blood circulation and keep you more mentally alert. This can also increase your productivity at work, as your energy levels will be piqued.


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