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Weight Loss Road Block

Are they just lazy?  Do they just lack time management skills?  Is their commitment sub par?

If you had asked me 3 years ago I probably would have said “yes.”  (Yes, assuming they were educated.  Meaning that they weren’t thinking that the key to long lasting fat-loss is “eat less and exercise more.”  ‘

Research from one of my industry’s top trade associations shows that pain not time is one of the most frequently cited reasons for quitting a workout program.  I don’t mean that someone blows their ACL.  I just mean that people get sick of their knees, back and shoulders killing them.

A meathead would just say, “take an Advil and get your pansy-ass back in the gym.  Work through the pain.”

Sadly, most people think that’s an attitude to emulate, and feel guilty that they don’t live like that.

Smart exercise should NEVER hurt.  It should actually make your joints feel better.

Just like diet drives will power, and not the other way around in the kitchen.  I am beginning to think that “durability” drives will power in the gym.  People that don’t move well have bodies that want to minimize movement as a way to protect themselves.

“Durability” is a term that I’m stealing from Grey Cook and Lee Burton (insert pic 830).  Durability is an indication of how well you move.  The better you move, the less you compensate, and the less you compensate the less likely you are to hurt or get injured.

Your body is not a collection of isolated body parts.  It is actually a completely connected chain of muscles, nerves and connective tissue.  If something is wrong in your left hip, then your right shoulder and/or left knee will also pay the price.

How’s that?  It’s called the “posterior oblique system.”

The fibers start in your left arm pit (where your lats attach to your arm bone) where they are blue.   They keep going down to your lower back where they turn white and are called your “throaco-lumbar fascia”.  The fibers keep going even farther to your right butt cheek – your blue gluteus maximus (glutes).  The fibers don’t stop there, they actually keep going.

80% of your glute fibers tie into your IT-band and end up at your knee.  (Your IT-band is the big white – blue in the pick – thing on the side of your thigh that goes from your butt to your knee).

Can You Measure Durability?

Yes!  G The worst score is a 0 and the best is a 21 on the whole screen.  This is one of the things that I do with all of my clients when they come in for their assessment.

Over the past 12 months I’ve done at least 93 of these screens and I’ve noticed something interesting – the more extra body fat someone has, the lower their score on the FMS; and the lower the FMS score the more that person thinks that they dislike exercise.  The higher the FMS score the more likely the person is to genuinely enjoy movement and be into all sorts of activities.  It seems like the less durable the person, the more their body would like to avoid movement.

No, it does not work to take somebody with really poor durability and just impose a whole lot of movement on them (make them exercise like crazy or do lots of sports).  Where I’ve seen people do this is, they usually just end up in a lot of pain and eventually quit moving again and become even more movement averse.

Not Just Lazy

I actually think that it’s their body, not their conscious mind that would like to avoid movement.  If you lack durability, then your body probably wants to avoid movement as a way to protect itself from injury.

Yes, your body really can try to protect itself from injury without your awareness.  In fact, pretty much all movement is orchestrated with very little input from your conscious mind.

How many people can articulate exactly how to sequence the 600 muscles involved in walking?  Pretty much nobody.  But, most of us can walk.

Your nervous system is constantly taking in, processing and making decisions based on millions of pieces of information from all over your body to keep you upright, safe and moving.  Pretty much all of this is done without any conscious awareness.

It’s absolutely amazing how often very young people (20’s and 30’s) come in and can’t do something simple like a split squat without knee pain or just falling over.  Both of these are situations to avoid for safety.

I don’t know if it’s the chicken, the egg or a vicious cycle.  However, I do know that without a good corrective exercise strategy, the people that don’t move well pretty much always fall off the wagon.  And, if you help someone move better (fix the movement patterns), they start to really like to move and keep asking for harder and harder stuff to do whereas they were whining about hard work when they started.

Take Home Point

This does not negate personal responsibility.  This simply gives you a productive avenue to apply it to – an avenue that can actually give a return on your investment of time and energy instead of frustration.  To look better naked, you need to move better.

Best option – go

Next best option – pick up “Athletic Body In Balance” by Grey Cook.  Its got a scaled down self-screen that you can do at home with minimal equipment, and what to do to get better based on what you learn.

If you’re having trouble getting yourself to exercise on a regular basis, or you think that you hate to exercise, then this might be a big part of that.  Just like all bodies need food, all bodies need movement.

And, just like a person who dislikes eating is a pretty clear sign that something is VERY wrong inside, I think that a person who dislikes moving is a clear sign that something is wrong too.

Everyone who reads my stuff knows that you need to do some kind of smart exercise to be healthy and look better naked.  However, a whole lot of the people who read my stuff don’t actually do smart exercise on a regular basis.

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