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Why do people quit the gym

Millions of pople will join or rejoin the gym this fall season. Yet 70% of the members will quit within the first 2 to three months, Why??

They will gt busy at work

They are not getting results

Get discouraged or bored

Hate the gym, waste of time .....

If I spent my time and effort in the gym with little or no results, I would quit myself. You need a plan with results in mind.

This will include incorporating time management of five critical components:increase lean body mass(especially for women du to the fact that they naturally have les muscle), interval endurance, nutritional eating for metabolism boosting,Flexibility awareness to avoid injury and feel better, lastly is writing down an effective plan with specific short and long term goals.

Once you writedown and follow a successful plan with anything in your life,your success rate goes up ten fold. This will also carry over into other parts of your life. When you feel better about yourself, the sky is the limit. 

I have had clients that were insecure about themselves, unmotivated at home, work and in relationships. Getting stronger, losing weight and more importantly becoming self empowerd has had a profound affect in their lives.

No one plan is the same, neither is each client. The end result and possibility to grow and change is available for everyone.   

Believe in yourself, find a plan right for your life and start today.


Good Luck,

Bill B.S.,CSCS

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