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Women Weight Training

Attention all women: Weight or strength training should be a part of your regular workout regimen. This is because the benefits of strength training for women are innumerable. In addition to sculpting shapelier, sexier muscles you also build stronger bones. Stronger bones aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, which is a concern for women as they get older. You will find doing normal everyday activities will become easier with your added strength too. Other health risks are reduced such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression, and several types of cancer. (Westcott, PhD. And Reinl-Get Stronger, Feel Younger)

When it comes to losing fat, strength training for women is a home run. When you lift weights chemical reactions occur inside the cells of your muscles. This is good because what is happening is they are responding to the demand that has been placed upon them from your strength training session. The cells become busy working to strengthen your muscles to get ready for the next demand to be placed upon them. This process burns calories, which is good for fat loss, and tightens and tones the outer appearance of your muscles. Research has found that a proper strength training session can cause your body to keep burning calories for up to 24-48 hours after your workout because of the metabolic processes that take place inside your body. This is what sets strength exercise apart from aerobic exercise, though aerobics are important in their own right. Stronger muscles require more calories just to be maintained. So, to sum up how a properly performed strength training session helps you lose fat, it burns calories during your workout and burns more calories long after your workout, even while you are sleeping, to maintain your trained muscles. All these additional burned calories are ultimately taken from your stored fat cells!

It is very important to realize how big a role muscles play in helping your body lose fat. You do not have to worry about getting big muscles or think that you will get too bulky. It is difficult for men to develop big muscles and even more difficult for women.

I can show you a program that enables you to strength train while doing cardio at the same time. This will actually enable you to get your strength, fat loss, and cardio benefits all in the same workout, which will also reduce your total exercise time. Now that is using your exercise time efficiently and effectively! Then you can use the extra time you have to go shopping for new clothes for your newly muscle-toned body.

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