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What will happen next with
Find My Fitness Trainer Request Submission?

Review your requestStep 1: - The Find My Fitness Trainer Network Team will be reviewing your Personal Trainer request information, determining your location, and reviewing your Personal Training goals.

Search our networkStep 2: - We will search our extensive nationwide database of Personal Training Professionals to identify what Trainer/Client match we have for your local area with a Personal Training company that is currently in our Personal Trainer Network.

Send you confirmationStep 3: - We will send you a Verify Contact Information email to ask that you review your submission information and verify back (via email) to us that all your contact information is accurate.

Match you with a TrainerStep 4: - After we hear back from you that your contact information is correct, we will then forward your Personal Trainer request submission form to the best available certified Personal Trainer that meets your Fitness goals and that also is within local access to you for your Personal Training convenience.

Review your requestStep 5: - If it is determined that we currently do not have a Personal Trainer that meets your Fitness needs or one is not located within convenient reach of your location, we will immediately notify you (via email) that we currently do not have a Personal Training Network provider in your local area.

***Please Note:: All our Certified Personal Training Network Providers were selected because they are some of the best Personal Trainers in the Personal Training Industry, and it is our goal to provide you access to these Top Rated Personal Training Professionals within our nationwide Personal Training Network.

It is also very important that you are aware that all our Personal Training Network providers pay a FEE to receive leads from our network. Both Find My Fitness Trainer and our Personal Trainers take all our submission requests very seriously. We ask that if you make a submission to our online lead service, that you are serious about hiring a Personal Trainer for their Personal Training related services.

Thank you again for your Personal Trainer Request!

"Get Fit, Stay Fit!"
Find My Fitness Trainer Team

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