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  "eFitnessTracker is a professional solution for the fitness professional. If you are enhancing your business or starting a new one, eFitnessTracker gives you the tools to get you there."  
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Account Monthly Subscription Prices $9.95 + $19.99 +
Total Features Listed Below 58 +
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All Vendors Total 39 Consolidated Features
For Your Business Needs
Your Own Private Branded Site (Some Vendors)
Ability To Add Content Such As Your Own Photos, Articles, Success Stories, Links, Service & Product Information, etc (Some Vendors)
Accept Credit Cards - Offer Subscriptions and Products (Some Limited)
Choose From Fitness Products to Sell - We Ship It. You Earn Commission!!!  
Online Advertising Integration - Google Adsense, your custom Ads, and more!  
Display Trainer Bio, Training Philosophy, Education, Experience, and More (Some Vendors)
Set up Client Membership Levels to Turn On and Off Features As Well As Log Client Actions to Better Assess What They Are Doing (Some Vendors)
Online Fitness Lead Capture Form - Built in Fitness Analysis  
Integrated Fitness Lead Management System (All filled out Fitness Analysis and Contact Us by a lead automatically captured in your Lead System.)  
Pre-setup Website Content In Template Style Format Ready To Modify (Topics such as Testimonials, Member Benefits, Boot Camp FAQ, About Us and text for your home page to grab the reader quickly and effectively.)  
Events Calendar In Your Website To Display Info On Boot Camps, Seminars, Classes, etc. (Some Vendors)
Event Registration In Your Website To Register Clients For Your Boot Camps, Seminars, Classes, etc. and also Accept Payments  
Contact Us Page
23 different layouts with a combined 36 different color schemes (custom color schemes available)  
Trainer Profile Page (Some Vendors)
Exercise Library  
Food Search  
Autoresponders and Email Campaigns Coming Soon (Some Vendors)
Create and Send Out Custom Newsletters Coming Soon  
Scheduling and Management Of Clients
Built-In Calendar
Print Invoices  
Liability/Waiver Forms, Assessment Forms & Progress Reports (Some Vendors)
Create Your Own Customized Assessment Coming Soon (Some Vendors)
Progress Reports With Both Text & Graphs (Some Vendors)
Send Emails (Including Group Emails) and Post Messages To Clients For When They Login (Some Limited)
Unlimited Clients (Some Vendors)
Free 24/7 Support
Business and Marketing Resources (Some Vendors)
Business and Fitness Newsletter Including Coaches Corner (Some Limited)
Fitness Calculators (Some Vendors)
Fitness Articles (Some Vendors)
Fitness Rewards Module - Motivate Members and Setup Contests  
Fitness Lead Generation Network  
Exercise Module
Workouts With Image & Video Enhanced Exercises (Some Vendors)
Over 1000 Image & Video Enhanced Exercises Including Functional Training (Some Vendors)
Set Client Goals; Calculate Client's Average Calorie Activity Expenditure (Some Limited)
Create Reusable Custom Workout Routines (Some Vendors)
Ready-To-Go Workout Routines (Some Vendors)
Advanced Create Routine Wizard  
Create Reusable Fitness Plans For Weeks Of Workouts  
Add Your Own Custom Exercises (Some Vendors)
Quick Copy Of Workouts To Create Weeks or Months Of Scheduled Exercise In Seconds  
Connect with a Mobile Device to track client workouts  
Nutrition Module
Set Client Goals; Calculate Client’s Required Daily Calorie Intake (Some Limited)
Create Reusable Custom Meal Plans and Menus (Some Vendors)
Add Your Own Custom Foods (Some Vendors)
Healthy Recipes Available To Copy (Some Vendors)
For Clients
Unique Profile With Login Access
Advanced Registration Module  
Track Measurements and Upload Before and After Pictures  
Post Time Request In Trainer's Calendar  
Diet Analysis (Some Vendors)
Daily Food Diary With Over 7000 Foods That Include Nutritional Information Such As Calories, Carbs, Proteins and Fats (Some Vendors)
Ability To Add To Favorite Foods List (Some Vendors)
Quick Copy Of Foods, Meals, and Menus To Create Weeks Or Months Of Nutrition In Seconds (Some Vendors)
Shopping List Generator (Some Vendors)
Client Forum Integration (Some Vendors)
Unique Fitness Community & Blog
Click here to see an example
Connect with a Mobile Device To Optionally Track Self-paced Workouts As Well As Daily Food Diary  
Automatic Daily Morning Email Reminders With Today's Exercise Program and Planned Diet (Some Vendors)
Fitness Rewards Module - Motivate Members and Setup Contests  
  "eFitnessTracker is a professional solution for the fitness professional. If you are enhancing your business or starting a new one, eFitnessTracker gives you the tools to get you there."  
Selected Features and Benefits

Personal Profile
Each member using eFitnessTracker has a Personal Profile. Measurements and personal information such as weight, height, age, gender, family and personal medical history, as well as other fitness and lifestyle assessments are available to record. (CBT can add any other measurement fields that WLA finds useful for running the club business.) In addition, with an entered email address, each member can configure to receive newsletters, messages from their trainer, as well as a daily automatic email with upcoming workout sessions and planned diet. eFitnessTracker also gives the power to share information with others. Sharing routines, meals, and food menus is great to use between a trainer and their client or a fitness buddy.

Set Goals
Goal setting is the first step towards fitness success. By entering general information such as Basic Measurements, Daily Activity Level, and Exercise Goals, members will be provided with an analysis of their current fitness level as well as a roadmap to achieving their fitness goals. The information entered will help determine metabolic rate and how many calories they should be consuming. The Final Results will display their BMI, body fat percentage, recommended daily calorie intake, and average weekly calories burned from estimated exercise and activity. In addition, various fitness and lifestyle assessment forms are available to assist in measuring fitness and progress. These forms can be customized as arranged with the management.

Track Measurements
It is helpful to track various measurements and test results to compare and validate ongoing progress. Along with Body Composition measurements such as weight and body fat percentage, Health Related measurements such as cholesterol and blood pressure, or Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility Tests, members can also track their own custom measurements of their choosing.

Create Custom Workout Routines
In eFitnessTracker, trainers and members can easily set up custom routines.

Workout programs are specific to each individual, and eFitnessTracker makes it easy to create custom workout routines that work for members. With over 1000 image and video enhanced exercises and activities to choose from, members will have a reference to ensure proper form. In addition, members can add custom exercises for a truly customized workout.

Once the member has set up their fitness goals, their personal metabolic rate is set. Using this metabolic rate, eFitnessTracker automatically calculates the calories burned when performing each workout.

You can also make use of a powerful feature called Fitness Plans where you can set up workout routines for 8 complete weeks as an example. Such a Fitness Plan can include various workout routines that can be used to schedule weeks of workouts in one click.

Create Personal Meal Plans
To understand nutrition, it is essential to be aware of the foods you eat. eFitnessTracker has a wide selection of over 7000 foods, many from the USDA database, ranging from different types of chicken to various grades of milk. Each person tracking their diet in their personal Food Diary can select any set of foods into a My Favorites category for quick and easy access. The foods database can also be enhanced by adding additional foods as needed.

Trainers and members can create a variety of different types of Meals made up of various foods. When adding or editing a meal, the user can add specific foods and serving sizes of that food. For example, a meal named Chicken Broccoli Dinner may consist of 2 servings chicken breast (3 oz each), 1 serving wild rice (1 cup), 1 serving tomato (medium), and 2 servings cooked broccoli (1 cup each). This meal has 446 calories, 6 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbohydrates, and 63 grams of protein.

In addition, Food Menus provide a quick way to add a specific day of food to the Food Diary. For example, a member can use menus for 3 or 4 days and rotate those days for their Food Diary logging.

Daily Calendar
The Calendar gives a view of all daily tracked information including Exercise, Nutrition, Measurements, Pictures and Notes. Each day automatically sums up calorie intake from the Food Diary and balances it with calorie expenditure from scheduled workouts. In addition, in My Weekly Summary, each member can view weekly details of progress in diet and exercise performance. It is easy to see current weight compared to target weight, weekly exercise and nutrition calories, and how they have balanced.

The best way to monitor progress is to continually evaluate it. Users can choose from an assortment of statistical and analytical reports that are provided with both text and graphs. This helps members and their trainers visually analyze their strengths and weaknesses and make appropriate modifications where necessary either on their own or with their trainer. Reports are available for workouts, exercises, diet, shopping lists, measurements, and notes.

Trainer Add-Ons
Trainers have access to their clients' information and can monitor how they are progressing. A trainee can be set up in minutes by importing ready-made workout routines, meals, and menus into their profile. Then appropriate modifications can be made to customize this information to the trainee. Trainers can directly schedule trainee workouts to create their schedule as well as send messages to all or a specific trainee with new diet and fitness techniques, available services, upcoming promotions, latest news, and more!

You can also create different membership levels to offer to clients. For example, create Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels or Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. Use these levels to select what features your client will be able to access. For example, turn off the ability to edit scheduled workouts, remove Food Menus or even make the entire Nutrition section invisible. As your clients move through their training or are in need of certain features, modify their membership level in the My Clients section. All clients not in a specific membership level are by default allowed to access all features of the system.

Also, in a membership level, you can choose if you wish to have specific actions by your client logged such as changes to their workouts or scheduled diet if you are working on them in their nutrition.

Fitness Community & Blog
We want users to have all of the positive support that a lifestyle change towards fitness demands. We offer a complete fitness community, including a blog for all members, that is available to members 24/7. Use these tools for as a place for members to interact and stay connected.

Connect With a Mobile Device
The alternative to printouts is to login using a mobile device. Just connect with any smartphone or mobile device to your normal web url, and you will prompted with a mobile web app login option.

By extending to a mobile device, eFitnessTracker becomes a flexible, on-the-go solution that makes being fit and healthy easy and fun. Trainers can see all their upcoming sessions to easily log their trainee’s progress.