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As fitness professionals, we are constantly being challenged with finding ways to better service clients and most importantly maximize our earning potential. As the most complete, easy-to-use online fitness tool, eFitnessTracker enables trainers and nutritionists to organize the daily and weekly progress of their clients, making it easy to show value.

You can benefit from recurring monthly cash flow, and your clients can still take advantage of your expertise in a flexible environment. Better yet, you maintain the trainer-client connection, so you'll retain more clients longer and ultimately increase your professional income.
See What Other Professionals Have To Say About eFitnessTracker —
"Thank you for your prompt reply and advice! I want to take this moment to say a big thank you to everyone who helped setup my site. It looks amazing. I also want to thank you for your prompt response to all my email. Thank you for taking the time to actually answering my questions even if I asked them again. This is a BIG difference over the other provider who really never answered any emails and if they did it was so generic that my query was never really answer. So THANK YOU for the excellent customer service. I believe top notch customer service is the way a business thrives. I just kicked off my first 7 Week Challenge of 2013 and my clients love the new look and feel. The feedback has been amazing. They love now they can access their workouts on their smartphone and actually see it in action too. The best move I ever made was switching to eFitnessTracker! Thanks again for everything."
Albert Rania
   Albert R Fitness Solutions

Albert Picture
"After researching and trying a few different online training websites, I began to get quite discouraged because none of them offered everything I needed in an online training site. Then I found the eFitnessTracker website. I emailed an inquiry and had a quick response back giving me details of a free 1 month trial. They had also checked out my main site and let me know without my asking that my eFitness site could be set up to match. I went ahead and signed up for the trial and before I could blink my eFitness site was set up to match my main site... and I was only on my free trial. Needless to say the customer support I have received since then has been nothing but spectacular. No matter what time of day, how dumb my question, or how often I email they always treat me like I am their number one customer. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you eFitnessTracker and staff for providing my clients and I with the most complete exercise and nutrition website out there!"
Heather Hickson
   Heather's Optimum Training, CFT, SPN

Heather Picture
"If you're looking to expand your current personal training business beyond the walls of your facility and literally create exponential growth in your income overnight, I highly encourage you to choose eFitnessTracker... it's was certainly an answer to my prayers. Unlike many fitness professionals, I am limited in the number of hours I can physically work with clients, so I have to maximize each moment and take full advantage of the time I do have to grow my fitness consulting business. I was looking for a one-stop-shop and eFitnessTracker totally delivered on all fronts! As a result, the income I earn through my online training programs now vastly exceeds the income I earn by training in studio which enables me to focus on growing other streams of income for my business."
Robert L. Selders, Jr., M.S., CSCS
   3Q Fitness Consultants, Owner

Robert Picture
"As a coach and personal trainer I expect excellence from my staff, myself and each client I serve. Over the years I have used many online programs to enhance the fitness packages my company delivers to our clients. Yours far out paces all that I have used. Finally my trainers as well as our clients can get all that’s needed from one site. I hope you will be around a long time as we plan on seeing increased growth from incorporating this model."
Richard T. Rykbos CFT, SPN
   Extreme Fitness Coaching, Owner

Richard Rykbos Picture
"I am loving this website! I've used another platform for the past few years, and eFitnessTracker is SOOOOOO much better!!! :-) "
Ann Prokenpek CPT, CES, SPE, FNS - NASM
   To The Core Personal Training, Owner

Ann Prokenpek Picture
"I am writing this letter in appreciation of Since being introduced to the site, I have used it to keep track of my clients' as well as my own workouts and diet information. I find the site very easy to navigate and use.  The efitnesstracker support staff have answered the questions I have asked within a day at the latest.  I have also been kept informed of any site updates that might be going on and the communication is top notch.  I recommend this site to anyone who wants to start or enhance their business and keep an online record of their client's workouts and diets.  For trainers this site is great for printing up progress reports for your clients, staying organized, and really looking professional.  I am very impressed with this valuable product."
Bryan Fugate
   Certified Personal Trainer, National Personal Training Institute

Bryan Picture
"After several miserable experiences with web hosts, I decided to contact eFitness Tracker. Although they had been recommended highly by a trusted friend, I remained leery. While I found the programming and features to be better than the other online training services out there, I was suspect of the quality of support I would receive, especially after signing up.
I sent an email describing what I was looking for and much to my delight, I received a swift reply. Not only did they respond to my needs diligently throughout the entire planning progress, they exercised a great deal of patience while doing so. There were times when I did not know how to communicate my ideas in technical terms but the support team understood my vision and carried it through.
Maya Angelou once said 'I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.' This is certainly true of my experience with the guys at eFitness Tracker. I felt and continue to feel like a valued and important customer. The team there have a passion for what they do and it shows. Thank you eFitness Tracker!"
Chesna Closs
   Fit Esteem, LLC, MSW & Founder

Chesna Picture
"eFitnessTracker give me a sense of a whole package in Fitness and I can really group out all I have to offer to my clientele as well prospects that may be looking for trust worthy fitness profesionals locally or around the globe. Yes! It is a great on line tool to achieve results!"
Alfredo Zapata
   Cutting Edge Fitness Programs, Owner

Alfredo Picture
"Kudos to you for the site you developed!!! I'm so thrilled to be able to present this to my current clients and prospective clients. I've been taking some more time today looking at the articles available, and I'm so happy to see info from the NIH!! My previous career was a publisher of a medical journal. This is the type of information that I always supplied my clients (pharmaceutical ad agencies) by doing Medline searches to educate them on disease states. I don't think I could have done this better myself!! So, many thanks for a tool that will, no doubt, be instrumental in growing my business."
Mary Ellen Jones
   Certified Personal Trainer, National Personal Training Institute

Mary Ellen Picture
"Thanks for all your prompt replies to my queries. The system is becoming easier and easier for me the more I use it and explain to my one on one clients. This system is quite frankly one of the best I have come across and my current client and boot camp members are thrilled with it. It appears this will only expand as once this is in place with XXXXXXXX and all works over time, we are then going to target other corporate accounts. Your team is doing a great job and I sincerely appreciate your quick responses and assistance."
Cory Jones
   Master Personal Training, Owner

Cory Picture
"I recently decided to renew my interest in Personal Training and add an online element to my business. I researched a few online fitness programs in search of the best fit. eFitnessTracker is the only one that has everything I need and more! The customer service and level of knowledge is extraordinary. The response time is superb and they are never patronizing when assisting. I've been working with their customer support who have been instrumental in integrating eFitnessTracker with my own website to help make it seamless to my clients. I thought I was a Sole Proprietor but it sure feels like a real partnership....thank you so much."
MaryAnn Molloy
   Healthy Body Fit Mind, Certified Personal Trainer

MaryAnn Picture
"eFitnessTracker is currently the most comprehensive on line training and nutrition system available. It is the only on line training and nutrition software that is completely adaptive for unique company branding. The progressive tracking tools and customer support set efitnesstracker miles ahead of it's competition. I use eFitnessTracker to house Dave DePew Systems because it's the best, it's just that simple."
Dave Depew
   San Diego Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Journalist

Dave Picture
"After using another online training website for some time, I decided I needed to give my clients more options in order to compete with the growing number of personal training facilities in my area. After much research I decided efitnesstracker was my best option. With many articles, tips and easy to use options, I couldn't have made a better choice. I have many online clients who are very happy with the site, as well as my in house clients who benefit from the nutrition database as well as the training. I now offer online training as an add on to my existing and new clients which takes little time but has improved my business bottom line tremendously. As online sites go, efitnesstracker is by far the best I have seen, and I have done my research!"
Jennifer Coccimiglio - Ottawa, Ontario Canada
   A Woman's Way Personal Fitness and Wellness, Owner

Jennifer Picture
"When searching for a personal trainer site to add to my business, I gave 3 other sites a try before yours. I just want to tell you that your site is by far the best one out there. There are loads of features and they are easy to use. Additionally, the process of setting everything up the way I wanted it was extremely user friendly. I'm looking forward to adding value to my services by providing my clients access to the site."
Stan Small
   Bangor Fitness, Founder

Stan Small Picture
"When I first entertained the thought of developing a membersite for people who exercise from home I knew one on the most important features would be a custom diet and fitness tracker. I researched every company I could find for a web based version that could be completely integrated with my site so that members would have a seamless transition to access the tracking system. I am so grateful to have found eFitness Tracker because they worked hand in hand with me to develop and integrate the perfect scenario. After carefully listening to my needs eFitness Tracker came up with what I consider the best feature of my far! As a novice, at best, I needed a company with a good support system. I can now say without eFitness Tracker I would be months behind schedule. Thank you so much eFitness Tracker for helping me make my website a premier product on the web! I would recommend you without hesitation. In fact your product is so good I feel it would be great as a stand alone website for any trainer!"
Dave Gleason
   Home Office Workouts, CSCS

Dave Gleason Picture
"eFitnesstracker is the #1 Solution for fitness professionals who want to take their personal training business to the next level. There are many options out there, but none compare to eFitnesstracker. If you want to create state of the art workout routines, customized workouts, and much more, while creating a totally professional online presence, efitness tracker delivers the goods. Their professionalism and technical support is unprecidented. Put your business in the hands of the best!"
Kris Stringham
   eFit-Today, Owner

"Having been a personal trainer/bootcamp owner and instructor for over twelve years, my goal was to expand my offerings to include online training and nutritional guidance to existing, as well as new members. Easier said than done! I researched many different avenues, from web designers to existing services with no luck - until I came across eFitnessTracker. Not only is their existing service leaps and bounds above the rest, their flexible customization capability, technical resources, and customer service set them apart. Because I run several fitness bootcamps as well as my personal training, I needed custom online registration features designed specifically for the bootcamps. eFitnessTracker translated what I needed in to the existing service seamlessly, and with great speed. I am thrilled to have found them, and would highly recommend them to any fitness professional. They truly are a team of experts dedicated to quality, service, and your success. If you want to take your business to the next level, this is the team to take with you!"
Stephanie Hoyer

Stephanie Picture
"I have been a personal trainer for many years and recently decided to take it to the next level and create a website for my clients as well as reach a larger potential customer base. I researched several online training and nutrition systems. I found eFitnessTracker to be the most professional looking software out there. I was able to seamlessly incorporate it into my website using my branding. Most importantly, the technical support from eFitnesstracker has been phenomenal! They have been very responsive and supportive with whatever questions I had. Thanks eFitnessTracker!"
Clay Action
   Acton On Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner

Clay Picture
"I was looking to expand my current personal training business beyond working with clients one on one. I have been looking to provide my clients an option to continue the relationship even after they have decided to continue training on their own or after they have reached their fitness goals. The Efitnesstracker option also allows me to convert more of those clients that may not be able to afford the regular one on one sessions which means additional income. There are a lot of online training services out there for personal trainers, I have looked at and tried many of them but once I started to use efitnesstracker I realized that no other offers as much value, period. The support team at Efitnesstracker deals and works with you as a business partner. They helped me set up my site the same day, just the way I wanted it to look. They promised me that it will get done and they delivered, that was huge to me. The best part is that I have a fully functional site ready to use and I did not have to do much work on it, which gives me a lot more time to work on Marketing and other things that will create real income for my business."
Charles Blain, CPT, Nutrition And Lifestyle Consultant.
   My Own Training Plan & The Fit Mind, Owner

Charles Picture
"After searching for a complete online personal training and nutrition system and trying several available software packages out there, I finally settled on eFitnessTracker. eFitnessTracker is by far the most complete online personal training system I have seen to date. The features, from creating workouts, to customizing meal plans and developing grocery lists, are endless. My clients have raved about the ease of use of keeping track of their workouts and they really appreciate the daily email reminders of their workouts along with the fitness tip of the day. Being able to download everything onto my palm pilot is just the icing on the cake. Customer support is outstanding as well. If you are looking for the most complete online personal training and nutrition system, eFitnessTracker is the way to go."
Scott Colby
   SC Fitness, Owner

Scott Picture
"This looks great! I was an Account Executive for *********** where they charged Fortune 500 and managed care companies for hundreds of thousands of dollars for a great software program like this. Their claim to fame was "tailored" - but yours really is equally impressive, if not moreso.
Thanks for making my dreams a reality..... I can now match up with my competition and win on my own terms.
I look forward to sharing my success down the road with the program. The customized website is truly excellent!!!"
Debbie Kiefiuk, M.Ed., CSCS

Debbie Picture
"eFitnessTracker has allowed my training company to produce revenue where it did not exist previously... It is a tool that has allowed us to deliver a quality of service to members who thought previously that it was out of their reach. Everyone wins and results are finally achieved."
Dave Giordano
   Inner Strength Training Systems, Owner

Dave Picture
"eFitnessTracker has been an amazing device on a personal level as well as a business level. I run 3 schools at a Personal Training Certification Organization which means I am IN the Personal Training business. My students love how easy it is to schedule clients and print waivers. They can calculate their clients' goals and print out graphs so the client can actually see their progress on paper. On a personal level, I am on the go so much that it is hard to keep track of my own diet and training sessions, but with the synching device, I have it all at the palm of my hand with my palm pilot. Exercise just reached the 21st century. Way to go eFitnessTracker!!"
Jen McGowan
   The National Personal Training Institute, Manager

Jen Picture
"I must say I absolutely enjoy using the efitnesstracker application. I no longer have to haul around my clients' folders everywhere I go. All my client information is in the palm of my hand. It's not only convenient, but in the competitive field of personal training, every advantage helps. Using my handheld device to track and monitor clients adds a professional touch as well as showing that I am up to date on the latest fitness trends and technology. Since using efitnesstracker, the communication between myself and my clients has improved tremendously. All of their programs are on the site for them to see. I have nothing but great things to say about the efitnesstracker application. I would highly recommend it to new trainers trying to make their mark in the field, as well as veterans who need a competitive edge."
Damien Young
   Stay Young Inc., President

Damien Picture

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