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    Personal Training FAQ's

  1. What is the Personal Training Network?
  2. If I find the right Personal Trainer for me, how much will it cost?
  3. How do I identify if I have found the perfect Personal Trainer match for me?
  4. What are the best Personal Training methods for me to get REAL RESULTS?
  5. Who provides the equipment needed if I am at my home or office?
    Personal Trainer FAQ's

  1. How will help me find clients?
  2. How do I know the leads I receive are quality leads?
  3. Will I share leads with other Trainers?
  4. What else do I get at

    Personal Training FAQ's

  1. What is the Personal Training Network? is an online Personal Trainer match service that helps you locate and hire a Personal Trainer right in your local area. We focus on helping you find the perfect Trainer/client connection when it comes to providing the Personal Training services you want, the location you desire to get Personal Training, and the complete dedication needed by our Personal Trainers in helping you reach and exceed your Fitness goals.

  2. If I find the right Personal Trainer for me, how much will it cost?
    Most reliable, well educated and professional Certified Personal Trainers range in cost from $50-$100+ per hour of a Personal Training session.

    Think of the fees you pay for other educated - knowledgeable professionals that you seek either advice or professional services from within your normal lifestyle needs.

    • Doctors Visit — $80-$100
    • Attorneys Visit — $150$-$200 per hour
    • Plumbers Visit — $75 just to say hello
    • Accountant — $75-$80 per hour
    • Graphic Designer — $80-$120 per hour
    • Web Design — $80-$100 per hour

    Do your homework, ask the right questions during your phone & one on one interview process and select a Personal Training Professional that not only meets your Fitness budget, but that will also deliver the support, guidance and motivation that will help you get to the Fitness goals that you desire.

  3. How do I identify if I have found the perfect Personal Trainer match for me? highly recommends that you ask these initial questions:

    What is the Personal Trainer's educational background that is specifically related to Fitness knowledge?
    How many years of higher level education in the Fitness industry did they complete and in what fields of study do they have their college degrees in?
    What type and how many Professional Trainer Certifications do they currently have in place and are up to date and active?
    Are they continuing to educate themselves and learn new Personal Training techniques to enhance and expand their skill levels on an on-going basis?
    Do they carry professional liability insurance from a reliable company that protects both you and the Trainer from possible injuries that could occur?
    Do they have a website that can help provide you more details and additional information about the type of Personal Training they currently operate and other information that may include:
    How diverse is their Fitness staff to meet your needs?
    How long they have run their Personal Training business?
    What are their hours of operation for Fitness Services?
    What style of Personal Training do they specialize in?
    Do they offer partner or group Personal Training?
    Do they offer complete nutrition related support?
    How many years have they worked in the Fitness Industry and have been actively Personal Training clients?
    Will they provide a broad based group of references with current clients that they are still actively working with?
    Do they specialize in any particular kind of Personal Training?
    How flexible is their schedule to meet your personal lifestyle needs along with your work and personal schedule?
    Do they have an understanding of general nutrition principals and can they provide any additional nutritional counseling or do they have a network of nutrition specialists to support you in your nutrition planning strategies?
    Are you traveling to their private Studio or Fitness Facility?

    Be aware that In-Home Fees are usually higher than private Studio/Office fees, because the Trainers need to allow for additional travel time and also includes the higher costs of coming to your home or office location.
    Are you requesting In-Home Personal Trainer Services where they would provide equipment and travel to your home or office?

    After capturing this vital information from the initial phone interview process with your Certified Personal Trainer, the next step in the review Process would be to meet one on one with your prospective Certified Personal Trainer. highly recommends that you ask these Personal Trainer One on One Interview Questions:
    Make sure you really review and discuss your Fitness goals and make sure that the Trainer's philosophies are aligned with these very important personal goals you have selected as being your top priority.
    Ask the Personal Trainer their overall Personal Training philosophy. Make certain you fully understand their Personal Training talents and expertise as well as any possible limitations they may have due to their lack of experience or knowledge base in a particular Fitness area.
    Get to know your Personal Trainer from all aspects. What is their personality like? Would they be someone you feel comfortable with being around and working closely with on a regular basis?
    Do they offer any type of FREE Fitness Consultation to learn more about their Personal Training Services and for them to learn more about your Fitness needs?
    Do they offer any FREE first time Personal Training sessions to learn more about how they work and get a feel for their overall style and techniques?

  4. Your Certified Personal Training Professional can make a huge difference between you getting Personal Training day after day with no real road map to follow versus being able to reach and exceed your Fitness goals.

    The bottom line when searching, interviewing and then hiring a Personal Trainer comes after you have located a potential Trainer in our Find My Fitness Trainer Directory, and then you take the time to get to know the key components of what makes them a great Fitness Professional.

  5. What are the best Personal Training methods for me to get REAL RESULTS?
    There are various ways to get long term Fitness results. Each Personal Trainer has their own methods and approach when it comes to building and implementing your Personal Training regime. Make sure that you lay out in detail all the personal Fitness goals and health related desires you have in the beginning, so your Personal Trainer can build the perfect Fitness plan that will REALLY DELIVER long term results for YOU!

    Remember there are many ways to travel the road to Fitness success, and all our Trainers will help you travel the most effective and efficient road to get your body back to how you envision it and need it to be!

  6. Who provides the equipment needed if I am at my home or office?
    The Personal Trainers in our network who provide in home or workplace Personal Training will access any related equipment you have available and build a program around that particular equipment or they will ensure that they bring to your home or workplace all Personal Training equipment you need that will deliver the ultimate Personal Training success for YOU!

    Personal Trainer FAQ's

  1. How will help me find clients?
    Find My Fitness Trainer receives detailed requests from Personal Training leads that are legitimately looking for a Personal Trainer to work with and help them. Using our LeadGen Technology, we narrow down the top matches of available Personal Trainers that fit the requirements of the request. We then make a match and contact you that a qualified lead is available to you in your area.

  2. How do I know the leads I receive are quality leads?
    The only way we make money is if you make money. We make sure that our leads are quality leads that are a good fit for you and have the potential of fitting into a long lasting Trainer/Client relationship.

  3. Will I share leads with other Trainers?
    Never! Unlike other lead generation companies, the lead we provide you is 100% exclusive.

  4. What else do I get at
    With the free login you receive, our system provides:

    • Complete lead management module where you can also add your own leads. To each lead you can add history details of actions performed such as sending an email, calling, meeting, etc.
    • Sales numbers recorder - keep track of monthly sales
    • Reminder module - setup reminders about upcoming appointments, phone calls, and more!

  5. Click here to learn more about how our system works for Personal Trainers...

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