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Pittsburgh Personal Trainer
Pittsburgh Personal Trainer
Fitness Trainer Name: Xtreme F.
Gender: M
Personal Training Business: xtreme fitness w/AL

Personal Training Profile
Where we train clients:
 Fitness Studio Training
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 Male Trainers
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Just ME
About My Business:
GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE...... I perform one on one training,couple training, buddy training, and group training...fat loss,body toning, and proper form.i strongly believe that getting in shape has to be fun, you and your trainer must become friends, your mind and body must trust in your trainer.IM at 2 locations at the moment, Come check out our all new location down on Penn Ave or.. West Mifflin location (WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO) LET'S GET STARTED! ITS ON YOU........MAKE THE CALL..promise you wont regret your choice in trainers note...I DO NOT TRAVEL, meaning.i no longer do in home training, you can train with me either penn avenue near downtown pittsburgh pa, or in west mifflin pa up near century 3 mall.if you have a certain distance that you will travel up to, PLEASE check the distance from you to me 15222 or 15122 this way you do not waist your time or mine with all that said, lets have some fun, and get in shape at the same time thanks AL,
Pittsburgh Personal Trainer - Experience and Goals - How long in the Industry?
over 13 years in the health and fitness industry, from owing a gym for 4 yrs, management at the biggest gyms, and over 7 yrs of in home training.
Pittsburgh Personal Trainer - Educational Background - Includes Fitness, Exercise, Nutrition & Health Studies
4 years college, phsychology, presently criminal justice major , and mma fitness consultant
Pittsburgh Personal Trainer - Fitness Training Certifications
certified by nesta, ndeita, and issa
Any Specialized Fitness Training - Boot Camp, Kettle Training, etc.
taught tae-bo, and mma conditioning background, 5 years as arena football conditioning coach, and cheerleader fitness program, i can make up a workout for any athlete, any sport

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Fitness Training Cities Covered
Pittsburgh, PAWest mifflin, PA
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We want you to know that your personal privacy is important to us, as we only share your contact information upon your completion of this Personal Trainer request form with Personal Trainers and partner Fitness companies within our Find My Fitness Trainer Network of Personal Training Industry providers.
I am actively interested in locating & hiring a Personal Trainer. I also understand that all Personal Trainers and partner Personal Training companies pay a FEE for your Personal Trainer request submission, and I AGREE to be contacted via either email and/or phone from any of our partner companies within the Find My Fitness Trainer Network.
DISCLAIMER: Before you start or implement the advice or guidance in regards to any Fitness program, YOU NEED TO SEEK the advice and approval of your own personal doctor, nutritionist, registered dietician or a qualified health care professional.
I understand that the majority of Find My Fitness Trainer's in home Personal Trainers charge rates on average between $65-$95 per session. Studio Personal Training ranges from $55-$75 per session. In major metro cities like Los Angeles and NYC it is common to pay on average an additional $20 per session from the previously quoted rates. Most of Find My Fitness Trainer's Personal Trainers also offer half hour rates and Personal Training packages that can help lower overall cost per session, and I also understand that I need to make sure that I have properly budgeted for the professional services I am seeking before I make my Personal Trainer submission request.

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