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An easy way to get yourself started in adding routines to your eFitnessTracker Powered site is to copy them from our already pre-designed workout routines library.

Everyone has their own personal goals and reasons for working out. As a fitness professional, it is up to you to help guide your clients to identify their goals and what level they are at. Our personal trainer software gives the fitness professional a head start with different workout routines to start from and develop more with.

Many of the available programs are divided into total days within a week to workout where each day splits up different muscle groups to exercise. For example, a 2 day split may work out upper body on day 1 and lower body on day 2. In addition, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workout routines that include weights, functional training, body weight, and more!

Click on any of the sample workout programs below to see their details as well as exercie images and video!

Overall Fitness - Intermediate 2 day split Sample Workout Routines For Personal Trainers
Body Building and Sculpting - Beginner 3 day split
Mass and Power - Intermediate 2 day split
Resistance Band Workouts - Golf Conditioning
Resistance Band Workouts - Ski Conditioning